Become a Certified Moth+Flame (VR & Mobile Device) Expert

Become a Certified Moth+Flame (VR & Mobile Device) Expert

Who is this program for?

Leaders, managers, and champions focused on VR and mobile device training who want to have more informed conversations about Moth+Flame and offer new innovations to the organization.


Why get certified?

Develop the skills to provide immersive learning to employees. Become an essential part of a company’s plan to roll out immersive learning. 


What is the effectiveness of Moth+Flame (VR & mobile device) training?

The effectiveness of VR and mobile device training depends on the quality of the training being offered and the content. The Moth+Flame Expert Certification enables individuals to validate their expertise. Virtual Reality is a rapidly evolving technology that is becoming increasingly accessible to organizations. If the field of virtual reality appeals to you and Moth+Flame entices you, becoming a Virtual Reality expert is a wise decision. This certification exam is specially crafted by Moth+Flame experts in VR and mobile applications and covers questions from basic concepts to the very core.


Total Duration - Self-paced program followed by training sessions

  • 30 minutes of self-paced course time
  • 30 minutes of live training with your monthly CSM office hours (or during cadence)
  • One 30 min Questionnaire/Evaluation via Zoom or in-person (the practice round before they train their own learners)
  • One 30 minute Training Session in VR and mobile with Moth+Flame experiences conducted without support:
    • Onboarding participants with the proposed onboarding spiel when using headsets (VR Learner Journey - Shared Device)
    • App Lab Learner Journey (VR BYOD)
    • Mobile Learner journey (Mobile BYOD).


System Requirements

  • To experience Moth+Flame modules, you will need to have the following:
    • A VR headset such as Meta Quest or a mobile device
    • Access to Moth+Flame’s web portal (
    • Access to an MDM (or a side-loading app, such as SideQuest, with a USB connection)

Total Number of Sessions

  • Minimum of two (2) training sessions in VR or mobile with Moth+Flame experiences 


Tiers of Certification

  • Bronze: Train 100 learners
  • Silver: Train 500 learners
  • Gold: Train 1,000 learners
  • Emerald: Train 5,000 learners


Access Duration

  • Yearly renewal available
  • Badge will be provided on LinkedIn


Program Fee

  • $0


Key takeaways:

  • Moth+Flame’s history and ROI when using Moth+Flame
  • Learn to teach in asynchronous and synchronous training modalities in order to provide every participant with personalized guidance and support by using Moth+Flame’s experiences.
  • A comprehensive introduction to VR and mobile device technologies

Add Your New Skillset to LinkedIn

As you become certified, you will be awarded a badge and certificate by the Moth+Flame team, which you can use to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your newly acquired skill-set and experience. You will get a step-by-step guide to:

  • Add the certified badge to your work experience 💼
  • Add the certified certificate to your licenses and certifications 🪪
  • Add VR as a skill 💪
  • Announce your new certification and experience to your LinkedIn network 📢

Become a Certified Moth+Flame (VR & Mobile Device) Expert!

Want to train in virtual reality? We’ll show you how. Download the brochure here.


Topics covered under this certification:


Questionnaire/Evaluation & Training Session:

1. One 30 min Questionnaire/Evaluation:

  • Portal Overview - 5 Questions
  • Preparing for Launch - 5 Questions

2. One 30 minute Training Session in VR and Mobile with Moth+Flame experiences, conducted without support

Onboarding participants with the proposed onboarding spiel when using headsets. Proposed Onboarding Spiel When Using Headsets:


Today, you are going to participate in a seated, conversational, voice-activated immersive learning experience around having difficult conversations in the workplace.  


You will be using a headset and a “Right” controller.  On the controller, you will need to use only two buttons.  When you get ready to start the experience, press and hold the Oculus button (with the “O”) to reset the view and get the login screen right in front of you.  If at any time you find yourself sideways in your chair, just sit back again and hold the Oculus button again to get yourself right again.  The other important button is the trigger button (which uses your pointer finger). That is how you will make the selections within most of the interfaces in the headset, outside of the actual conversation portions of the experience.


To get a comfortable headset fit, you will need to put on the headset.  Users with glasses can choose to keep them on or remove them, whatever is more comfortable.  Use the velcro straps on the side to get a snug but comfortable fit, and then adjust the velcro top strap to ensure it is tight but not uncomfortable.  If the screen is not clear, you can adjust the eye lenses inside the headset.  Volume control is located on the bottom right side.  


If you have any trouble, you can just raise your hand and somebody will come over to assist.  And if at any point you need to opt out for any reason, simply remove the headset.  Now that you are set up, it is time to start the experience by using the trigger button to select ‘Start.’   

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