Bulk Device Registration

Bulk Device Registration

When multiple shared devices need to be added to an organization, bulk device registration allows an Admin to do so in just a few quick steps. Instead of individually adding VR device names and sending a registration link for each one to an email inbox, please take advantage of the bulk device registration feature. 

  1. Go to the Device Management page within your organization
  2. Create or choose the Device Group that will contain the devices
  3. Click on the 3-dot menu to the right of the Device Group name and select "Add multiple devices"
  4. A modal will appear that will allow you to choose the Device Group, the number of devices you wish to register, the device prefix, and the starting device number. Bulk device registration will automatically number devices sequentially from the starting number. Please note: the device prefix is limited to 10 characters.       
  5. The portal will automatically generate the newly added devices, which will appear under the Device Group you selected. These will appear in gray until the devices have been registered.
  6. Click on the 3-dot kebab menu next to the Device Group and select "Download registration link .csv" to download a csv file with a compiled list of all unregistered device names and their corresponding registration links. 

To register the devices:
  1. Label all new devices with their corresponding device ID/name.
  2. Copy and paste each unique registration link (found in the csv file) into a browser. Note: These are displayed in alpha-numerical order without preference for the number of characters. So, a number "10" will display before the number "2."
  3. Type the 4-digit code that is seen on the device (after downloading the Moth+Flame App) into the field (under Step 2) on the webpage.
  4. The device will start downloading assigned content and the webpage will display a confirmation message that the device has been successfully registered.


What if I need to delete all the unregistered devices I just made?

No problem. Click on the 3-dot kebab menu next to the Device Group and select "remove all unregistered devices." 

Please note: This will delete ALL unregistered devices within that Device Group. Remember that devices can be moved between Device Groups, so if there's an unregistered device you would like to save, then move it to another group and move it back after you've bulk-removed the other unregistered devices.

Does this work with mobile devices?

Absolutely! Please see this list of supported devices.

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