Magic Sign-In Links for Learners

Magic Sign-In Links for Learners

Magic Sign-In Links are available for our mobile app, offering new Learners a hassle-free way to access their learning content.


What are Magic Sign-In Links?

For Learners who don’t yet have their content on their personal device, Magic Sign-In Links are a secure and convenient way to log in to our mobile app without the need to set, remember, or enter a password. With this feature, Admins can add learner email addresses to a user group and let Magic Sign-In Links do the rest! Learners just need to download the app and sign-in with the same email address. They will receive a magic link in their email, allowing them to effortlessly dive into their assigned experiences.


But wait, there’s more!

If Admins don’t want the hassle of adding every email addresses to a user group in advance, we are able to whitelist your email domain within your organization in Perform. You can also set a group access code to give your Learners, ensuring every last learner has access to their content, even if their email address isn’t added beforehand. This works especially well for launch events. Not sure if whitelisting is right for your organization? Please see this list of pros and cons.


Why is this better?

Previously, devices (instead of learners) were authorized to access content. This works well for shared devices, but shifting to a learner-centric sign-in automates the validation process. Magic Sign-In Links allow organizations to effortlessly scale and add new Learners. All in all, this means:

  • Instant Access: Learners access their content faster by simply entering their email address!
  • No Last-Minute Hurdles: Don’t have everyone’s email address? No problem. Learners can skip the email check and go straight to their content with group access codes, so no one gets left behind on training day!
  • Enhanced Data Management: Learner sessions can be recorded in multiple user groups that they are assigned to, which means it will be easier to slice and dice data.



What if I have a personal device that is already registered?

No action needed! You will still be able to access your world-class learning content on your device.


What about shared devices?

Device registration will continue to work for shared devices.

How do group access codes work? 
Group access codes are intended to assist learners who are not able to check email on their personal device. As long as learners are using an email address with a whitelisted domain, or as long as a user's email address has been added in advance, the group access code will allow them to bypass the magic sign-in link and access their content.

What do group access codes mean for data?

Admins can use a group access code for all learners in a classroom setting while still recording session data in other user groups that learners have been added to.  This allows for flexibility with data filtering - for example, if a learner used an access code that relates to a training day cohort and was also part of a user group called “HR Department,” the admin could view their data within either user group filter on the performance analytics screen.

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