Promise Web Portal Release Updates

Promise Web Portal Release Updates

Below are periodic updates to the Perform web portal. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at


If you would like to suggest a product improvement, please submit your idea here.


Release Update: 5/4/23

Topic: Empathy Score Reporting

  • Previously, within a class, empathy scores were displayed as a fraction (average points earned / total possible points.
  • Now, Class Instructors and Administrators are able to view the average empathy score as a percentage on the class page.
  • This change will allow Instructors and Administrators to comprehend and compare learner data between classes more easily. Please bear in mind that since moment choices are weighted differently (for example, empathetic responses may receive +3 points while less optimal responses receive 1 or no points), there is not a definitive "pass" or "fail" empathy score across experiences. It is possible to achieve the desired outcome for a given experience with an empathy score below 70%.

Release Update: 9/26/22

Topic: Learner access to Perform Portal

  • Previously, Learners who wanted to view their session performance data would need to ask their Instructor or Admin to retrieve it. They were able to login to Perform but could only see information about the Learners and Instructor(s) in their Class(es).
  • Now, Learners are able to view their performance data by clicking the View My Performance link at the top of the Class page.
  • Not only does this enable the Learner to see how they did - it also satisfies GDPR/CCPA requirements for allowing end users to access the information collected by our system.
  • For more information, visit this page.


Release Update: 9/25/22

Topic: Learner email login mode

  • Previously, Learners who wanted to enter their email address to identify themselves (instead of entering a learner code) at the start of a learning session were required to select a link below the code entry field before being prompted for their email address.
  • Now, there is an optional Learner email login mode that can be enabled for a module (requires assistance by the product support team to enable).
  • For more information, please read the FAQ of this page.


Release Update: 8/26/22

Topic: Error Reduction for Code-Based Learner Identification

  • Previously, Learners were prone to entering an incorrect learner or class code due to misreading numbers or letters that appear similar.
  • Now, the following characters will no longer appear in the codes learners use to identify themselves and/or their class at the start of a learning session: S, 5, I, 1, O, 0, 2, Z


Release Update: 8/3/22

Topic: KPI Tracking

  • Previously, leaders and instructors experienced difficulty understanding the effectiveness of their immersive learning programs due to the inability to easily view performance analytics.
  • Now, leaders and instructors can view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the Perform Portal at the top of a module's performance analytics page without needing to scroll further down the page and hunt for the most important bits of information.

  • KPIs enable:
    • Leaders and instructors to easily assess whether learners exhibit the intended behavior and/or increased confidence.

    • Leaders to evaluate important data in a simple fashion, revealing insights about how learners' choices, perceptions, and behavior differ throughout the experience based on specific KPI outcomes.
  • For more information, please read this article.



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