Promise Learning App Release Announcements

Promise Learning App Release Announcements

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Release Update: 07/24/23

Topic: v1.1.3 (Build 123)

Download the latest iOS version for a new demo experience!

  • This build features a demo experience of National Urban League: Allyship in Hiring Equity. Download the latest version to try it!
  • Further improvements include reduced app download size, bug fixes, and performance optimizations.

Release Update: 07/11/23

Topic: v0.11.6.466

  • Contains a fix so that the laser pointer no longer emanates from the center of the user POV when the app loses focus.

Release Update: 06/30/23

Topic: v0.11.6.465

  • Fixed an issue where data captured while temporarily offline would not be sent to the cloud until the next time the app was launched

Release Update: 06/29/23

Topic:  v0.11.5.463

"Lefties" rejoice - left controllers are now supported!

This update is also available on App Lab!

  • Supports left hand controllers - the last controller to use the trigger is now the one that is used in the experience
  • More efficient API calls resulting in fewer reporting data transmission errors
  • Resolves an issue where not all module files download correctly
  • Resolves an issue where the left controller laser appears to emanate from the user's head when the left controller has been disconnected for too long

Release Update: 05/25/23

Topic:  v1.1.0

Demo Mode is now available for iOS!

  • Demo Mode allows anyone to sample an experience without needing to authenticate. 
  • To try it out if you have already registered your device:
    • Simply remove your iOS device from the admin system and then open the latest version of the mobile app. 
    • SHRM: Managing a Remote Workforce comes available to try, and requires no download. 
    • Users will be prompted to enter their email address after they complete the demo experience and when they tap on a locked library. 
  • New users can still register their device using the following steps:
    • Press on the Learner Sign In button, which takes you to the registration screen. 
    • If a learner downloads the latest version of the app and their device is already registered, they will bypass the demo screen and go straight to their learning content, as per normal. More help article information on Demo Mode is forthcoming. 

Release Update: 05/08/23

Topic:  v1.0.14

Promise Learning is now available in the iOS app store!

  • New patches are available that bypass checking for new content while a device is offline. 
  • New library and experience image assets are now available.
  • This version also contains a patch related to iPad microphone usability as well as other minor bug fixes. 

Release Update: 04/07/23

Topic:  v0.11.3.453

New Functionality:

  • Learners can now click on the "next arrow" to bypass voice-over audio and proceed to the next screen.
  • *This build contains support for Steam VR, which will allow customers to experience VR content on the hardware of their choice. Steam VR supports the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and others.
    • *Note: there are known laser pointer issues with some screens for Steam VR.

Bug Fixes:

  • The class selection screen will once again appear if a learner is not assigned to a class and there are multiple classes for the same module available in that org.
  • The "bookmark and resume" feature now resumes a conversation at the exact moment where a learner left off. 
  • 401 errors, which occurred after a user exited the app and reopened it, have been resolved. 
  • Learner can now successfully proceed past the learner email login screen, if the experience is set to learner login. 

Release Update: 02/06/23

Topic:  v0.11.1.443

New functionality:

  • We now have the ability to read MP3s - this will allow future module file sizes to be much smaller, ultimately making downloads faster.

Bug fixes:

  • An adjustment was made to the laser so that it appears over (not under) the keyboard.
  • Visiting the About screen during voice onboarding or a survey will no longer cause the app to crash. 

Release Update: 12/12/22

Topic:  v0.10.9.432


  • Addressed an issue that could sometimes cause the last few asset files in a download to get stuck. 

Release Update: 11/21/22

Topic:  v0.10.8.426

New Functionality:

  • Download progress bar
  • Indicator of how many MB still need to be downloaded (in addition to file count)
  • Downloaded files do not need to be re-downloaded when the app re-launches after an interrupted downloading session

A few known issues:

  • Visiting the About screen during voice onboarding or a survey will cause the app to crash
  • Selecting the Check for Module Data option in the menu causes all files to be re-downloaded
  • If the headset is set down (or the light sensor is not blocked), content downloading may stop if the OS puts the app in the background.
    • If this happens, quit and re-launch the app -- do not select 'Check for Module Data', and the app will download the files that had not yet downloaded during the previous interrupted session.

Release Update: 11/15/22

Topic:  v0.11.3

Promise Learning is now on App Lab!

  • Previously, Learners who did not have a compatible Multi-Device Management (MDM) system had to manually "sideload" the Promise Learning app to their headset. 
  • Now, Learners can push the Promise Learning app to their headset from their phone and register their device using a public link to App Lab (when logged into their corresponding Meta account on their phone's Meta Quest app). 

Release Update: 10/21/22

Topic:  v0.10.7.411

  • This update contains bug fixes for issues associated with device registration and fetching module content. 
  • Due to security updates, users transitioning from builds earlier than 400 will be required to re-register their device. 


Release Update: 10/03/22

Topic:  v0.10.6.405 

Variable feedback has arrived!

  • Previously, Learners who wanted to evaluate their performance had no way of knowing how they scored inside the app. They were only able to view their performance data online (after the experience has finished) by clicking the View My Performance link at the top of the Class page.
  • Now, in addition to viewing their performance online, Learners have the ability to view in-app feedback based on their decision-making in the experience.
  • This update continues to satisfy GDPR/CCPA requirements for allowing end users to access information collected by our system.

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